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The start of a great collection of PM cartoons and comics:

project management cartoon #1

Captions for the cartoon, which is an classic-styled black & white drawsing of a 19th century man in a suit reaching into his jacket for something:
  1. Hmmm... I put that project plan SOMEWHERE in my pocket... too bad they didn't invent mobile phones yet or I could call my secretary and ask where it is!
  2. That was a good meeting. Outstanding! This project will be a piece of cake. Now, I just have to hire a bunch of graphic artists to draw my Gannt charts, PERT charts, and process flow diagrams. Expensive, but necessary. Oh, I can't WAIT for computers to be invented.
  3. I know what you're thinking - "Is this guy looking for his business card, or his cell phone?" Well, mobile phones have not been invented yet, and too many businessmen can't read very well in these parts. So, what AM I looking for? Well, of course, I'm looking for my squirt gun!

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Humor in business

While your style may or may not be on the light side, humor can plan an important role in the work place - some examples:

  • Breaking tension
  • Shifting focus to the next part of a meeting or discussion
  • Making presentations or key points more memorable, as in the 1980's ad campaign slogan "Where's the beef!?"
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