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Are you Hollywood Material?

- We're sure that if the movie on was created as part of a reality-tv series for amateur movie-makers, the first cut may have been voted off of the island. But with perserverence and tweaking, the end results are bringing laughter around the globe.

Project Management Course Goes to the Movies!

Case study: Planning a movie ad project

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We are taking a bit of a break this month... after helping in creating a website called Jeggy. com (link below). The website's creation as a home for a viral movie ad was documented in a way that project managers can benefit from. And - also laugh at - the movie part. Jeggy is an egg that talks... and runs.

The website and movie creation project entails a lot of what many project managers face: quick starts, low budgets, and lack of proper planning at the start. It also contained the chance to have fun, and utilize flexibility, in refining and executing the project.

The article - and movie - on how Jeggy was made

jeggy egg photo

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