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Course - Part 4

Project Teams & Leaders

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Teamwork and Leadership

Project managers lead teams - usually not just those who report to them - to complete the work involved. Project leadership includes:

  1. Movitating - effectively mobilizing the resources to be engaged in the work at hand
  2. Communicating - giving information to the team members and project participants, including clearly communicating the objectives for the tasks being performed
  3. Obstacle avoidance and elimination - as the planner/manager, the project manager will see problems/challenges that are coming and work to avoid, reduce, or eliminate them.
  4. Recognize people's working styles; and accomodate and adjust for differences.
  5. Manage conflict
  6. Foster mutual expectations
  7. Be flexible and adapt leadership style during the difference parts of a project's and team's lifecycle

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Check the plan, work the plan, improve the plan - and share information with team members.

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