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Our PM glossary of terms is provided to assist you. Your specific terms in your area may vary in definition - in many areas there is no "one" defined description of a term.

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Activity   A named process, function, or task that occurs over time and has recognizable results (as part of a project). Activities use up resources to produce products and services. Activities combine to form business processes.
SOURCE: (modified from) GAO Glossary of IT Investment Terms

Assumptions   Project factors considered to be true, real or certain; usually contain associated risk.
Baselining (v)   The process of obtaining data on the current process, in order to provide the metrics against which to compare improvements and to use in benchmarking.
SOURCE: (modified from) GAO Glossary of IT Investment Terms
Benchmarking   A structured approach which identifies the best practices from industry and government, and allows comparing and adapting them to the organization's operations. Approaches such as benchmarking are aimed at identifying more efficient and effective processes for achieving intended results, and for suggesting ambitious goals for program output, product/service quality, and process improvement.
SOURCE: (modified from) GAO Glossary of IT Investment Terms
Constraints   Factors limiting the project leadership's options, at the project, task, or sub-task level.
Cost Benefit Analysis   The economic justification for a project; quantifying its costs and benefits for comparison.
Critical Path   An analysis technique used to predict project duration. Analysis of activities, sequencing, and paths and determining which path has the least amount of schedule flexibility (float).
Earned Value  

A method which measures project performance by comparing work completed against work planned (at a given date in the project schedule).

Click here for a more detailed definition of EVM.

Project management  

A method of managing aspects of a project. The method can range from being loosely structured to a formal structure.

Some sample project items.

Risk   Some event or item (factor or threat) that could negatively affect the project's completion.
Scope   The stated boundaries of a project, including resources, customers, outputs/outcomes, financial, people, and work.
Stakeholder   A person (or organization) with an interest or stake in the project.
Test Plan   A detailed plan that addresses all aspects related to the test of an output or sub-output. It should include test scenarios, the test schedule and define any necessary support tools.
Work Breakdown Structure -
  The grouping of project elements or work into increasingly detailed (and related) tasks/components.

Zero Float   No excess time between activities in a project schedule (timeline) exist. Any activities that require more time (or time between them) will cause the project completion date to slip (be delayed).
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