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Troubleshooting / Risk Management

Projects will have problems. The skills needed to handle problems falls into the area of risk management. Managing risk in advance - during the planning time - involves:

  • Identifying/listing risks, uncertainties, potential problems, threats
  • Risk Quantifying - possible results
  • Prioritization - includes using the risk quadrant which combines likelihood of occurance with significance of event.
  • Action Plans - determining appropriate responses

The saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" applies to projects - double! Identifying a potential problem in the requirements part of the project is much easier and less expensive to fix than in the planning part. But finding and correcting during the planning part is much easier still than correcting during the execution/buildout/construction (main) part of the project.

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The majority of stress for a project manager comes from surprise or externally-sourced problems, such as a power outage or a sudden revelation that the requirements have changed.

It can be helpful to focus on not only taking action, but documenting and communicating the reasons for the action

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