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 Project Alignment
 Project Failure
 Project Optimism
 Project Planning

 Training Concept

Ten Traits of a Successful Project Manager

Making a Movie
 PM Course goes Hollywood 

The Manager You Love To Hate

Top 10 Challenges


Earned Value Management

Project Management Mini-Course:

Part # 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6

Project Management Zones TM A to Z :

(opening in stages)

Zone A - Acquisition
Zone B - Budget Baseline
Zone C - Control  Communication Customer
Zone D - Documentation
Zone E - Execution - Employees External
Zone F - Fun
Zone G - Goals Gantt Graphs Gating Groups (stakeholders)
Zone H - Health Humor
Zone I- Initiation
Zone J - Jokes
Zone K - (future use)
Zone L - Leadership
Zone M - Management motivation mediation (conflict)
Zone N - Numbers
Zone O - Opinions Obstacles Objectives
Zone P - Planning
Zone Q
- Quantify  Quality
Zone R - Review Risk Reward Reporting
Zone S - Statistics Stakeholders Schedule & Scope
Zone T - Timeline Technology tools Timekeeping
Zone U - Understanding
Zone V - Value earned - EVM
Zone W - Wrap-up
Zone X -X file
Zone Zone Y - You
Zone Zone Z - Z end

Project Management Zones is a trademark of P.F W.orsham.

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A large project can have the phases listed here repeated as part of larger chunks, such as :

  • Pilot
  • Expansion
  • Rollout
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