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Manager Blues?

Don't let your concerns about your manager stop you from looking at and learning from the bigger picture.

The manager you hate to love

by Esu Matra

So, you work for a jerk. Or he's an unorganized ogre. Perhaps merely a PM dilettante - a dabbler in project management. Or, she is a lazy manager.

Your assessment of the two of you is simple - you are more capable than your leader. You just know it (whether or not they know it). Or... are you?

Think again. Think: is there anything you can learn from your manager? In order to be put in the position above you they did something - or many things - right in their career. Nepotism - being born into the right family to get the position - is perhaps the only example that falls outside of the scope of this article.

How about your manager's abilities? Instead of focusing on the areas that you positively trounce your superior in skills (!), start to assess the via some questions:

  1. Seasoning & Industry Familiarity- Does he have more experience in the industry or in similar ventures than you do?
    • Contacts: Does your organization benefit from the personal and business contacts that your manager has developed?
  2. Tough Enough - Has she had a trial-by-fire in their history that made her a good fit for the current leadership needs?
  3. Personality - Is the person just plain likeable? Do the customers - internal or external - like or prefer your manager?

  This article continues with some examples of manager's faults

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