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The manager you hate to love (part 2)

    (continued from part 1)

I once worked for someone who, while working hard and for many hours, just seemed to not "get it" for many project or technical solutions. He didn't always seem to get his facts straight for the details. He was hired after me, so I had a "before" and "after" picture of how project and task management could be done. Although he had more experience, he also had his faults. And other departments pointed out many of his shortcomings, sometimes using them to push their own agendas against IT. He also was not especially creative, and seemed to use brute force to tackle problems. Working many hours and perhaps micromanaging, things did get done, and many internal customers were made happy.

Looking back, he also had a fair share of fans of his style, his leadership, and his accomplishments. Even those who did not completely agree with his agenda or his objectives admired that he was fair and capable. And, he attracted talented managers and technical talent, both from internal and external sources.

Weak spots? Perhaps it was all a matter of perception. It would be easy now in hindsight to pick on tactics and working traits that fell short. But… playing favorites, not constructing project plans, not always communicating to key constituents, irregular staff meetings, and other quirks were in the repertoire of this particular manager.

This article concludes with manager lies, struggles and the end result

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