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Project Start: Initiation overview

Your project is starting, and you want to launch it well. Project initiation is the process of going from a requirement to a scheduled set of project tasks and the plan to produce the project's deliverables. The project's deliverables should satisfy the requirement; and a fictional example being to deliver a working prototype should meet the requirement of 'developing a self-contained device that can be in perpetual motion'.

Initiating your project will involve estimating project resources - people, tools, services, and other - that will be used on the project, and constructing a more detailed budget.

When initiating a project, particularly small to medium sized, you should have:

  • The requirements for the project
  • A project plan (approved, if possible)
  • A project schedule - with milestones & level of effort
    • Good to also have a WBS (work breakdown structure)
  • A contact list of project particpants - stakeholders, categorized by type or role
    • Who is responsible for what areas?
    • Who needs to know what information?
  • A project kickoff meeting

Other items you may want to have:

  • a business case
  • a project charter
  • list of constraints, risks, and assumptions

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A kickof meeting is a key way to get the initial focus on the project, and to start momentum. Follow up after the kickoff meeting with regular meetings of the key players - usually a "manager" or "leads" meeting.

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